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The 2015 TANOSHII Fun Camp was successfully completed on Friday, July 17, 2015 at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute. This was the 8th year for the week long TANOSHII Fun Camp, sponsored by the South Bay JACL and the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute (GVJCI) for children 7 to 10 years old. The goal of the camp is to promote the legacy of the Japanese American culture and heritage to our youth by:

• Enhancing the legacy of the Japanese American values introduced by the Issei
• Exploring the Japanese American culture, traditions and their adaptations
• Sharing the Japanese American experiences and history to the campers

Led by high school and college aged camp counselors, as well as adult volunteers, the TANOSHII Fun Camp truly serves as an intergenerational learning experience for all who want to learn more about Japanese and Japanese American heritage and culture.

This year's theme was "Natsu Matsuri / Tanbata Festival. The Summer Festivals are the most popular Japanese festival we celebrate. This includes Obon and Tanbata. Obon is a memorial to remember our loved ones who have passed away. This is a very important Japanese culture that we wanted the campers to understand and remember. Along with Obon time was spent for the campers to learn about the Tanabata Festival. Tanabata is a national holiday in Japan and is celebrated here a week before our Nisei Week Festival in August in Little Toyko. During this time, various community centers, churches, companies and families enter and display their kusudama or kazari. This year our TANOSHII Fun Camp will enter and display our very own kusudama. The campers and counselors help design this The Tanabata Festival will take place from August 14th thru 17th in Little Toyko, right next to the Japanese American National Museum.

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